Spring home sales – 2023

spring green
View from Mounds Blvd in St. Paul

Sometimes when I meet with home sellers they tell me about the housing market. Their information is often based on national news. Reporting has gotten better but it usually lags by weeks or months.

Real estate is local. It is good to know what is going on in the housing market which is higher interest rates and fewer people interested in putting their house on the market. That is a national trend caused by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

Home prices are falling in some parts of the country while in other parts of the country, they are rising. Falling prices tend to make the news more often than rising prices do.

The continued strong demand for housing in the Twin Cities has led to modest price increases. Multiple offers on homes for sale are fairly common this spring.

Yes, we have a strong spring home buying and selling season in St. Paul. In order to know if right now is the best time to sell a house in 2023 I would have to be able to see the future.

Generally speaking, spring is usually a better time to sell a house but they are bought and sold every month of the year.

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