Snow what fun it is

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Here is a list of the top 5 snowstorms in the Twin Cities over the last 100 years or so:

  • 01. 28.4 inches — 1991, October 31-November 3 (Halloween Blizzard)
  • 02. 21.1 inches — 1985, November 29-December 1 (Thanksgiving Weekend)
  • 03. 20.0 inches — 1982, January 22-23
  • 04. 17.4 inches — 1982, January 20-21
  • 05. 17.1 inches — 2010, December 10-11 (Final “Domebuster”)

I do remember each of these, especially the Halloween blizzard. That was made even more memorable by a drive to Illinois for my brother’s wedding three days later. It was snowy near home, icy in Wisconsin, and dry but cool and windy in Illinois.

We have had 72 inches of snow so far this winter. The average snowfall amount for a winter season is 52-55 inches.  It is nice to be above average.:) Winter isn’t over yet there is still plenty of time to get a few more feet of snow but even if it doesn’t snow anymore this is already the 17th snowiest winter.

This week’s snow storms dropped about a foot of snow. Not a top-five snowstorm, or even a top-20. It came in at 21 which is close to being a top-20 snowstorm.

By some miracle, I was able to start the snow blower.  Now I have a path to the grill. Life is good!

snowstorm 2-21,22,23-2023
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