Relocating to the Twin Cities?

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There are a few things people who are relocating should understand. First of all welcome to the Twin Cities.

The buying and selling season here reaches a kind of peak in April. That means that the prices are higher and there is a lot of competition as many buyers compete to buy a few houses. It isn’t at all unusual for a house to get several offers the first day it is on the market.

The best strategy is to see houses starting Thursday afternoon until Friday evening because there are more houses on the market and there are fewer people looking at them during the day.

The worst times to look at houses are on the weekend. There are more people looking on the weekend and some homeowners are not allowing overlapping showings. Sometimes the house is fully booked with appointments before it is available for showings. There are some open houses but not many as compared with how many houses are for sale, also not many.

Thursdays and Fridays are popular days to list houses, with offers due by Sunday.

If you find that special house that is coming on the market and you are sure it is the one that you are going to buy keep in mind that there are at least 30 other people who have the same idea. It is best to look for houses that are priced below your maximum so that you can outbid the other buyers.

Homebuyers who are relocating should also make sure they are pre-approved for a mortgage or have proof of funds if paying cash. It is a good idea to choose a Realtor before arriving because the best agents take care of their clients first and may not be able to squeeze new clients in at the last minute.

Buyers need not be present to make an offer. Offers are made on electronic forms that can be signed electronically. It doesn’t matter if the buyer is in town or in another country. The offer is sent to the listing agent electronically and most negotiations happen vis email, phone call, or text messages.

Relocating is especially challenging this time of year but it is doable especially if you take my advice.

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