The old power plant – 2008

One of our clients remarked on how well I know St. Paul. I do know St. Paul because I have lived here all of my life. Here is a picture I took in 2008 of the demolition of the old coal-burning NSP power plant.  The perfect picture for throwback Thursday.

smoke stack
Smoke stack during the demolition of the old power plant

The new gas-burning plant can be seen in the picture to the right. It was strange at first not seeing the blinking lights on the smoke stack at night. For many of us, it was a kind of landmark we used when we gave people directions.

Sometimes we would hear a loud kind of roaring noise coming from the plant. Something about releasing pressure. During the coldest January days of January, the steam plume from the stack created a shady spot over the neighborhood.

It was always there . . until it wasn’t.

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