Downhill ice racing

crashed ice
Saint Paul Cathedral – Crashed ice 2018

I cheated and took this shot the day before the event. Normally the venue would be packed with people but I have found that it is easier to get the shot before the event and before the security guards start guarding.

Once the jumbotron and the big spotlights are turned on it gets harder to photograph the venue.

Downhill ice racing is a thing and it draws huge crowds. Those crowds drink lots and lots of beer in crashed ice village along West 7th street.

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival starts this week and then it is on to the Super Bowl. It all helps take the long and boring out of Winter. 🙂


Sometimes less is more

Alexander Ramsey House
Alexander Ramsey House

Back in the 1870’s the Ramsey house probably only had one wreath on the door during the holidays. I like the simple decorations and they are all cordless.  The inside of the is decorated for the holidays too and there are tours and holiday events Throughout the holidays and even on Black Friday.

Alexander Ramsey was the first Governor of the Territory in 1849 and the only person from the Whig party to govern. He was appointed by the 12th president of the United States, Zachary Taylor.

Bike path in downtown St. Paul

bike path
Bikeway running north and south along Jackson street as viewed from the skyway

I have used the new bike path in downtown St. Paul a couple of times, it is a joy to ride.  It is part of the Capital City Bikeway. The design is beautiful and it is safer than the street. I can’t wait until there are some East/West bike paths.

The bike lane along Jackson will connect to the Gateway Trail which goes all the way out to Stillwater. According to Visit Saint Paul  St. Paul is not only bike friendly but one of the most bike-friendly cities.

I am often asked about biking by people who are moving into the area or who are choosing a neighborhood to buy a house in.

There is a lot of biking going on in the downtown area, even though it is still a dangerous place to ride.  I think my inner thrill seeker makes me do it. 🙂

Yes the bridge is really closed

Cars drive down the street and turn around once they get to the closed bridge. When I tell people it is closed they say “no way”, I say WAY! Having the Smith Ave. High bridge closed has really changed the traffic patterns on Smith Avenue and on West 7th. The bridge will be closed until December of 2018 while it is being re-decked. New railings will be put on the bridge to make it harder to jump off of as so many have.

The trails directly under the bridge are also closed. There is road construction on Wabasha at the foot of the Wabasha bridge so don’t bother going that way, The Robert street bridge remains open and there isn’t any construction on either end.

It doesn’t matter where you buy a house of where you open a business,  or work eventually road construction happens.  If you are in Saint Paul, construction projects are often scheduled so that all alternate routes are also closed or partially closed.

I remember when this bridge was built in the mid 1980’s. It replaced the old rickety high bridge. The bridge was completed in 1987 and is 2770 feet long. It cost 20 million to build.

High Bridge
High Bridge September 2017
High bridge – taken from the West looking downtown last year.