Happy July 4th 2021

The Pioneer Press got it wrong. St. Paul did not cancel public fireworks. There hasn’t been any kind of city-sponsored public fireworks here since 2014. There will be fireworks after the Saints game at the ballpark in Lowertown.  Those fireworks will be seen by ticket holders and those who live in the building surrounding the park.

Minneapolis has public fireworks over the river where everyone can see them but canceled this year because of the drought.

Fireworks are illegal in Minnesota and we have strict laws. Anything that explodes or flies is illegal, but the laws are not enforced.

Keep your hose handy this weekend.

Here are some pictures from 2014 and 2013. Both fireworks displays were sponsored by the city and held in locations where they could be seen for free and were visible for miles.

Minnesota State Capital – July 4th 2014


fireworks 2013 St. Paul, MN


Gargoyles and stairways

collage 2 pictures stairway and gargoyle
Stairway and gargoyles

Walking is the best way to really see a city. The stairway in the top photo is partly hidden and one of several stairways that go up to Summit Avenue. The gargoyle is also one of many that can be found on or near historic houses in the Summit Hill and Crocus Hill neighborhoods.

I have used some of the stairways. It is more fun to go down than it is to go up.

Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Yes, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival Starts today. Like most events during the last year, it is going to be virtual and there are in-person drive-through type events. See the full schedule on the carnival website.

This year is the 135th anniversary of the event which was designed to show the world how wonderful it is to live in the bold, cold North. Some of my earliest memories growing up in St. Paul are of freezing my feet while standing along the parade route of a Winter Carnival Grand day or Torchlight parade. As a teenager, I looked forward to watching the torchlight parade with friends, and as a mother, I brought my children to carnival events. It is all a part of being a St. Paulite.

Here are some pictures from last year’s grand day parade. I’ll call it this year’s virtual parade.

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Throwback Thursday – Women’s march 2017

Four years ago today the Women’s March on DC was held and there were numerous sister marches around the world and in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was the largest single-day protest ever held. It seems like a hundred years ago and like it just happened yesterday.  It was held the day after former president Trump’s inauguration as a protest over offensive remarks he made about women.

There were so many people that there wasn’t room to march between Saint Paul College and the capitol building. If you look at the lower picture you can get a feel for the crowd size.

womans march
women’s March 1/21/2017
2017 women’s March in St. Paul