I miss the art crawl

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I miss many things like going out to eat or spending an hour or two in a coffee shop. I also miss the Saint Paul Art Crawl. I go a least once every year except for this year.

This year St. Paul Art Collective is hosting “October is art month“. You guessed it a virtual art crawl, sort of.

Local artists do need our support and if you look around St. Paul you will see art. There are murals and sculptures on buildings, along the light rail, and in public spaces all over town. Art is part of who we are.

Check out the local art Buy something to hang on your wall to help you get through the long cold winter and at the same time, you will be helping a local artist.


A new month

It seems like September went by in a flash and today is the first day of October 2020. For me, October is a month for business planning and fall cleaning. It is also time to get ready for winter.

This winter could be a bit more challenging than most because of the pandemic which is getting worse rather than disappearing. I have already put in a supply of non-perishable food, baking ingredients, and other supplies.

October can also be a busy month for home sales and it should be especially busy this year. Fall home sellers usually want to move before the snow and winter holidays arrive.

Homebuyers will be out in force through the winter months. According to my fall, real estate forecast the seller’s market will remain strong through the fall and winter months.

If you or someone you know plans on selling their St. Paul home this fall or winter I am happy to help. We do have buyers looking for houses just like yours. If you would like to get a feel for how much your home might sell for I am always happy to provide a free no-obligation market analysis.  

maple tree
Silver maple

You can vote early and wait in line

Ramsey County Election office

In case you haven’t heard this is an election year. Early voting in Minnesota started on 9/18/2020. My husband and I decided to drop off our absentee ballots in person. There was a line. We handed our ballots to an election worker who checked the envelope to make sure it was filled out correctly and signed.

By delivering the ballots we know they were received. I generally trust the mail but I don’t want to take any chances.

If you are using an absentee ballot read the instructions carefully. The ballot goes into three envelopes and they need to be in the right order. One of the envelopes needs to have a signature and an id number.

It is wonderful to see so many people interested in voting and who care enough to vote early.


I miss cash machines

In the before time, before COVID-19 when I needed some cash I could walk a couple of blocks to the nearest cash machine and make a withdrawal.

I don’t need cash until I need cash. The machines I used to depend on are all behind locked doors in buildings that have been closed and locked up for months.

Rivercenter in downtown St. Paul was one of my go-to places for cash. The signs on the door say “Welcome” but the doors remain locked.

Most of what I buy I can pay for with my phone. Maybe someday we won’t need paper money at all but until then it would be nice if there were some cash machines in the area.

River Center – Downtown St. Paul

We know what happens after it happens

A look at the big picture shows there wasn’t a huge slowdown among home buyers during the time we were told to stay home because of COVID-19. The only reason home sales were down at all during that period is because fewer homeowners decided to sell. Homebuyers have been out looking and are not easily deterred.

The graph shows the average number of showings homes on the market in St. Paul had.  The number of showings has been pretty steady.

In a week I’ll have September home sales numbers. September has been a great month for home sellers.

Not a fun week

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I have to say this week was particularly not fun. I am saddened by the passing of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her seat on the court can be filled but she can not ever be replaced.

We passed a milestone this week with over 200K Coronavirus deaths in the US. We lead the world in Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Last weekend I watched “The Social Dilemma”  on Netflix. It explains how social media manipulates us and how we are not customers but we are the product.

I don’t spend much time on Facebook but have decided to stay away from it until after the election.

Last week while I was looking for a link to some voter information I kept landing on ads paid for by one of the presidential candidates. As a result, I have stopped using Google. I am still experimenting with search engines and haven’t decided which one is the best.

There was one bright spot this week. My absentee ballot came and I voted yesterday. I waited in line to drop it off at the county election office. I was happy to see the long line of voters.

If you are using an absentee ballot in Minnesota be sure to follow the instructions. The ballot has to go in the privacy envelope first (brown envelope) and then in the signature envelope which needs to be filled out and signed and sealed and then into the envelope that goes into the mail. There is a signature blank for a witness. Witnesses are not needed for this election.

I have the smallest glimmer of hope for our democracy. Please vote.