No Mow May 2023

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I can’t think of anything less fun than mowing the lawn. In fact, lawns are not that much fun. Mine is some grass and other green plants including clover which is a favorite of local bees. I let wildflowers grow on the front lawn and on one side of the house, we grow hostas,  instead of grass. Our neighbors grow volunteer chive which means we have a lot of that too.

The premise behind No Mow May is can we provide a more suitable habitat for pollinators by not mowing in the month of May. No one really knows if this is helping pollinators but there are other benefits and no downside, besides the city council says we don’t have to mow.

Lawnmowers can be noisy and many use gasoline and oil. Mowing the lawn takes time away from fun outdoor activities.

The last two years have been dry. The grass was rarely long enough to mow. It was brown and crunchy for most of the summer last year.

Blood root
Blood root – blooms in May in wooded areas
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