Moving from the coasts to Minnesota

palm trees

We usually get a few out-of-state clients every year. This year they are coming from coastal areas where housing prices are sky-high. From the East coast and from the West.

People from California love the prices here in Minnesota. They can buy a house and sometimes they don’t even have to change jobs if they are currently working remotely or are retired.

According to census data, Minnesota is number 8 when it comes to people moving out of the state. In other words, Minnesota is a state where during the last couple of years more people are moving out than in. California and New York are the top two states that people have moved away from during the last two years.

In the future, we may see more climate migration. Minnesota is affected by global warming. During the last two years, we have experienced a drought but we don’t have wildfires and there isn’t a lot of flooding. There are no hurricanes but we do get tornados, thunderstorms and blizzards but not at the same time.

We have jobs and currently have the lowest unemployment rate in the US at 1.8%.

Eventually, more people will discover the joys of living in Minnesota and it will get crowded. Now is the time to move.

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