It was more than a grocery store

Cooper’s grocery store on West 7th and St. Clair is closing permanently at the end of the month. I remember back when it was a County Club store.  We shopped there for decades. There has been a grocery store on the site for at least 45 years, maybe longer.

I have often walked or ridden my bike to Coopers. It was also a great place to run into neighbors; it was a common experience we shared as neighbors.

Neighborhood grocery stores are not as common as they once were. Big box stores have taken over. The closing of the neighborhood grocery store hurts the neighborhood and we all feel a sense of loss.

There are rumors of a new owner and of an Asian grocery store opening on the site but according to the owners, the store will close.

Cooper's Grocery
Cooper’s on West 7th in St. Paul
Cooper's sign
Painted by a local artist
Cooper's grocery
Cooper’s on West 7th


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