June home sales by neighborhood

Holidays mess things up, which is why I am publishing this a few days later than I usually would. Real estate is local and does not always follow national trends and averages, that is why I break it down to the neighborhood level. The housing market in St. Paul and in the metro area favors sellers as it has for the past few years. The demand for housing remains strong and on average houses sell quickly and for more than the asking price.

The data used to create the table below was extracted from the MLS which is deemed reliabe but not gauranteed. Rental properties are not included in the data. I’ll be looking at that data later in the week.

June home sales
June home sales in St. Paul

I often get asked if now is a good time or a bad time to buy a house. My standard answer is that it depends on many factors and the answer is not the same for all home buyers.

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