The heating bill cometh

St. Paul

Just a heads up. Natural gas prices have quadrupled in the last two years.  I just got our utility bill for December. I just want to say “ouch”. The prices are up because demand is high, partly because natural gas is being exported. The natural gas market is global. Low production, sanctions, and war drive prices up.

Natural gas is literally sold to the highest bidder.

Going forward we may need to change to solar-powered heat pumps to heat our homes and businesses. For now setting the thermostat lower, wearing extra layers, and perhaps a part-time job will get us through the heating season.

It might also be fun to research heating from solar-powered heat pumps.

For those who qualify there is an energy assistance program through the Minnesota Department of Commerce.  There is also a federal program, Low Income Energy Assistance Program.

Let’s not forget the Minnesota cold weather rule: Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule (CWR) is a state law that protects residential utility customers from having electric or natural gas service shut off between October 1 and April 30. To protect your service from disconnection you must make and keep a payment plan that you and your utility agree on. The utility must offer a payment plan that is reasonable for your household’s financial circumstances. You can set up a CWR payment plan at any time during the CWR season.


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