Happy Tax Day 2023

If your taxes are done and filed congratulations!

Today is the deadline for filing 2022 income taxes.

I have many memories of waiting in line to drop off my tax return at the post office on tax day.

Yes, it is true we used to line up on Kellogg and Jackson Street at the central post office to drop off tax returns. Postal workers had bins and would stand along the curb. There were protesters and people in costumes too.

The post office moved to 5th Street, and the old post office was converted into apartments and a hotel.

I also remember spending some beautiful spring weekends struggling to finish tax returns but that was before I got smart and hired a professional tax preparer.

Cars lined up to drop off taxes
Jackson Street Tax Day 2009
Mail boxes
Mailboxes on Jackson Street by the old main post office – 2011

I don’t imagine there are too many people who mail their tax returns these days. There aren’t nearly as many mailboxes on the streets either.

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