License renewal deadline for real estate

June 30th is a special day for those of us with real estate licenses.  Real estate licenses are good for two years and have to be renewed. We are not all on the same two-year cycle. Some licensees’ two-year cycle ends next year.

This was my year for license renewal and I got it done early in case the murder hornets come to Minnesota.

To renew a license the licensee has to have completed 30 hours of continuing education and pay the state of Minnesota some money. Now I am good until June 30, 2022, which will be my 20th year in real estate.

If you are a real estate licensee I believe we have until midnight to renew so there is still time.

The month of June went by way to fast. I hope July lasts a little longer.


Father’s Day 2020 – Pandemic addition

Happy Father’s Day! My own father passed away in December of 2019 at the ripe old age of 90. I miss him and the words of wisdom he would have about surviving this pandemic and surviving 2020. He wasn’t an optimist by any means but he was wise and would have a lot to say about our current situation. I am grateful that he did not live to see as a person in his 90’s with both heart disease and diabetes.

dad raking
Dad- taken in 1963



Good morning

We all had quite the weekend and not in a good way. I have had precious little sleep myself as my emotions go from anger to sadness and then to fear for all of us as we battle the crisis of racism and COVID-19.

I saw people helping each other through the weekend and there were many peaceful protests. There was also a lot of misinformation out there and I heard what sounded like a big lie from a local elected leader. It was later retracted but the damage was already done.

There are explanations for burning and looting that exactly fits the political views of the people who are providing the explanations. Most of the protests and the protesters were peaceful.

If you need a small glimmer of hope with all the mayhem this weekend it doesn’t look like anyone died because of it.

Today is a good day to help where we can either by donating money or helping with clean up. There are lists of ways to help in the major newspapers and on the local television station web sites and on Facebook too.

Today is a good day to talk about racism in Minnesota and everywhere. We haven’t heard any kind of an apology from the Minneapolis police and we haven’t started talking about how we are going to change. Silence in compliance but I don’t think quoting MLK is going to be enough.

Don’t forget to wear your mask. Minnesota COVID-19 cases are still rising. Masks are now required in St. Paul and in Minneapolis.

St. Paul will require people to wear face masks inside businesses and city buildings beginning June 1, (today) and may penalize those who don’t comply.

peaceful protest
Peaceful Protest May 30, Minnesota state capital – notice the law enforcement in riot gear near the top of the picture on the steps.
Minnesota State patrol
Minnesota national guard
Peaceful protesters


Racism is a public health crisis

Claddagh coffee on West 7th

The Stores are all closed and boarded up. Yes, it is inconvenient.  We go out for provisions once a week or so and were caught off guard. I remind myself that death is even more inconvenient and so is shopping while being black.

He couldn’t breath

Please make it stop.

Just a reminder there is a curfew in St. Paul and Minneapolis starting at 8:00 PM tonight and ending at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

The great get together cancelled

Minnesota State Fair -2019 opening day.

The Minnesota State Fair is officially canceled. That hasn’t happened since the polio outbreak in 1946. The first fair was held in 1859. This will be the sixth time the fair has been canceled. It was canceled four times because of wars, and this will be the second time because of disease.

As I think back to last year when I attended the fair and how crowded it was I know that I would not have the courage to go this year. It is sad to see it canceled. I think we will all remembered 2020 for a long time and 2019 will be remembered as the time before.