Racism is a public health crisis

Claddagh coffee on West 7th

The Stores are all closed and boarded up. Yes, it is inconvenient.  We go out for provisions once a week or so and were caught off guard. I remind myself that death is even more inconvenient and so is shopping while being black.

He couldn’t breath

Please make it stop.

Just a reminder there is a curfew in St. Paul and Minneapolis starting at 8:00 PM tonight and ending at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

The great get together cancelled

Minnesota State Fair -2019 opening day.

The Minnesota State Fair is officially canceled. That hasn’t happened since the polio outbreak in 1946. The first fair was held in 1859. This will be the sixth time the fair has been canceled. It was canceled four times because of wars, and this will be the second time because of disease.

As I think back to last year when I attended the fair and how crowded it was I know that I would not have the courage to go this year. It is sad to see it canceled. I think we will all remembered 2020 for a long time and 2019 will be remembered as the time before.


New Northern Office

Working from home isn’t new for me but staying home for meetings is. Many of those meetings are held using “ZOOM”.  My home office isn’t an ideal place for a meeting. For one thing, the cat keeps photobombing and my husband sometimes shows up in the video.

The lighting in my office is fine for most everything but it is behind me which doesn’t work well for video.

Over the weekend I rearranged some of the furniture in a bedroom that is used as a guest room. I don’t anticipate hosting any overnight guests for the rest of the year.  The room has a small desk.

I made a “green screen” out of green tissue paper leftover from the holidays and I set up a light stand that I use for photography to optimize the lighting for video. With the shades and curtains open the lighting is good.

The green screen allows me to use a photo as a background when I am on camera. I have some photographs of the St. Paul skyline and a few of the Coworking space I use.

My laptop hasn’t gotten much use since March. I put it on a book to raise it up and connected a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have some old school wired headphones that I can use too.

I can’t wait to use my second workspace. I call it my northern office because it is on the north side of the house, as opposed to my regular office which is in the South-West corner of the house.

Meeting in Progress

Back to work Monday

Today is the day that some Minnesota workers will go back to work. Some offices will re-open and some manufacturing businesses too.  Today will feel like a Monday for some.

Schools are still closed with distance learning in place. Maybe we will see some traffic out on the streets?

Under the modified stay at home order, people who can work from home are encouraged to do so. I think part of the new normal is going to be more people working from home.

I have been mostly working from a home office since about 2007 or so. Usually, during the spring I spend a lot of my time out on appointments and working with clients. I have been working with clients during the last few weeks but most of the time I am doing so from my home office.

I have been busy most of the time too. Some local real estate companies have had to make some changes because their business revolves around having real estate agents use a central office. I know from experience recruiting agents that many need an office and the structure that some real estate companies provide.

What I really miss is being able to have in-person meetings and I really miss going out for lunch.

If you are going back to work away from home today good luck and be careful out there!