For fixing things

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Here are two of my favorite things for fixing stuff. Zip Strips and metal clips. Zip strips come in a variety of sizes and colors. I think we have every size. They have more uses than I can list.

I use them for outdoor holiday decorations and recently I used s few to create hangers for some mops and brooms so that I could hang them on some pegs. They are strong and the only way to remove them is by cutting them.

The metal clips are a real estate thing. We use them to attach the sign rider to the bottom of the sign. Zip stips work for that too. I use the metal Clippy things to secure my pannier bags to my bike. I have also used them as hooks for hanging planters. They have some of the same uses “S” hooks have but they are more secure.

If you are going to fix something this weekend go get some Zip Strips. The clippey things, have to be ordered. I order them from my sign company.  Just google “metal sign rider clips” to find them the online.


Home improvement



Wildlife in the city

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is the last day of May. It has been an April like May. That is all I’ll say.

We have wildlife here in St. Paul. I have seen fox in the alley and a deer in my next door neighbors yard. One day last winter there was a hawk in the yard and I have seen bald eagles fly overhead and occasionally land in trees, roofs or on telephone poles.

This week I saw a raccoon foraging in a nearby neighbors trash and a pair of turkeys eating dandelion seeds in our backyard.

Turkeys can be found almost anywhere in St. Paul. I saw one walking down the street just outside of Rice Park in downtown St. Paul last March.

They are large and somewhat afraid of people. The raccoons are also large and have been known to climb downtown office buildings. They tend to keep their distance from humans but just love our trash.


holiday weekend staycation

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. We hang out at home most memorial day weekends. There are plenty of things to do and places to go. I like to get out on my bike and I often bring my camera.

The regional parks and Fort Snelling State Park (which is currently closed due to flooding)  offer the best opportunities for photographing wildlife, birds, and plants. I like to go early in the morning before the large loud groups of people on bikes scare the birds away.

Great Blue Heron

Enjoy the weekend and take some time to remember the people who fought for us and who died in wars.


Facebook has replaced medical school

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I can ask any question about anything on Facebook and I will get answers. 

Me on Facebook: I plan on performing open heart surgery and am looking for advice. Thanks.

Facebook Friend(s) who has never performed any kind of surgery:

  1. Stick them with the pointy end.
  2. Wash your hands before…. and after
  3. Cut deep, they may have thick skin
  4. Probably best to practice on someone else first
  5. Play it by ear
  6. When I do my open heart surgeries I always bring my cordless Worx saw. Works great!
    Tip: best to change to a fine blade for the initial cut. Minimizes splatter.
  7. The heart is located in the chest. Most people have one, I think.
  8. Choose a good patient
  9. Facebook is the best source for information
  10. Measure twice cut once. Trust me, I’m a white man and am therefore an authority on most topics.
  11. Google it then ask a bunch of strangers who also have no expertise on the subject until you get the answer(s) you want to hear
  12. Practice makes perfect.

People just love to give advice. Sometimes people ask their Facebook friends for medical advice. I kind of understand that considering how expensive medical care is and how hard it is to find good medical care.

There are people who consult Facebook whenever they have a question about anything. There is plenty of advice for home buyers and sellers too.

The paradox of the Lime Scooter

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. We don’t have shared bikes in St. Paul but we do have electric scooters. I often see scooters on the sidewalks in and around downtown where it is just about impossible to ride anything but a car, bus or train in the street.

There is a sticker on the scooters that states that they should not be ridden on the sidewalks yet there is no place to ride them in the street. The streets either have light rail tracks, deep potholes, or are high traffic with narrow lanes and cars parked on both sides.

Some of the streets have all of the conditions I listed above and a bunch of lime scooters parked on the sidewalk. The sidewalks are not in very good shape either but are somewhat safer than the street. Safer for scooters but not for walkers.

Lime scooter
Lime scooters

I have also noticed that people like to ride the scooters to the bar. What could possibly go wrong?

Nevertheless, she persisted

Dr. Sarah

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. The picture is of my daughter when she was in kindergarten. Today she has a Ph.D. and will be attending a graduation ceremony for those who have recently completed Ph. Ds and Masters degrees.  She also graduated last year, debt free which is a whole other story.

Today we will take some new pictures of Dr. Sarah and her husband Mr. Doctor Sarah. 🙂