Have a safe weekend – stay home

Living in the capitol city means living near protests, demonstrations, marches, and rallies which happen more often than most people realize. Sometimes protesters occupy the freeway and close it for hours. Most protests are peaceful but they don’t make the news as often as the protests that turn violent do.

After what happened in Washington DC on January 6th the local police, state police, and national guard are ready for almost anything, including violence leading up to the inauguration of Joeseph Biden, next Wednesday.

There will be two events held at the Minnesota State Capitol this weekend. On Saturday “freedom fest” and on Sunday ” Sunday church”. The freedom fest is also called “Hold the line MN” and is for “patriots” who are rallying behind President Trump. Sunday’s event is to pray for elected officials.

Protests at the Governor’s mansion on Summit avenue are also popular. This past year there have been several protests around the governor’s “stay safe” orders because of the pandemic.

We are being warned that a far-right extremist group that wants a civil war scouted out the capitol building this week and may want to blow it up.

The Minnesota capitol building itself is a target for mayhem. I drove by it earlier this week and there are fences and barricades around it and state police hanging out too. The threat of domestic terrorism is very real.

I hope we get through the weekend without any injuries, loss of life, or property damage.  I also hope that gatherings do not become super spreader events.

Minnesota State Capitol Building in St. Paul, Minnesota


June 2020 and January 2021 are alike

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. So far 2021 isn’t off to the best start with the raging pandemic and the attempted overthrow of our government.  Somehow with all the distractions last year I forgot to get a 2021 wall calendar. I use an electronic calendar for appointments. Some people call that “calendering”.  I just need a calendar to look at so I can quickly count days or know what day of the week a particular date falls on.

I decided to re-use last year’s calendar at least until March first. June of 2020 had the same number of days as of January 2021 and both months start on a Friday.  July 2020 starts on a Monday just like February 2021. All I had to do is cross out the extra days and renumber them for the beginning of March. There was plenty of time to make the modifications during the New Years’ holiday.

I am sure by then I will either have purchased or created a new calendar.

2021 is off to a great start and I plan to make the most of it.

2021 Calendar

Twas the week before Christmas 2020

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Most everyone has heard of old St. Nick, but his half-demon, half-goat, devilish companion, Krampus is less well know. Krampus punishes naughty children. Personally, I have never believed in punishing naughty children, but it isn’t my call.  I would think just seeing one of these things would scare the naughty out of most children.

Krampus of Minnesota Krampus

I took the picture at this year’s Saint Paul Winter Carnival Grand day parade at the corner of West 7th and Grand Avenue. That of course was during the before time that now seems so long ago.

Krampus 2
Krampus of Minnesota Krampus

They are so very photogenic.

Krampus and St. Nick

Christmas decorations during the pandemic

Christmas decorations

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I think last weekend was the weekend people chose to get Christmas trees and put some lights out. There seem to be a lot more Christmas decorations this year. All we need is a little snow and St. Paul will look like a Hallmark movie without the love story.

I put up some lights and a tree that I created out of a tomato cage decorated with light, an old plastic blow mold star that I found in the basement, and some red bells I got at a thrift store.

There are even lights up in downtown St. Paul. When my kids were young we used to drive them around to see the lights. That is probably something safe that a family can do this year. My children have been adults for a long time now but they still talk about how we used to go out and look at the lights.

I’ll try to get some pictures but until I do here is one from Christmas past. I chose a picture that doesn’t have snow in it because it is easier to imagine what it looks like this year.

Union Depot Tree – E. 4th street downtown St. Paul.

Going back in time

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Like many people I know, we had a kind of abbreviated Thanksgiving. We had a virtual get together and some food. The day felt like a holiday, kind of.

I do feel like I have a lot to be thankful for even though I am not all that thankful for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

It is probably the first Thanksgiving that I did not get up too early to start cooking and I did not burn myself either. We are all healthy and have roofs over our heads and can pay the bills.

The day after Thanksgiving I put up a small Christmas tree and took out some of my favorite decorations.  The ceramic tree in the picture was my mother-in-law’s and it was her Christmas tree. She died in the late 1980s and I have put up that little tree every year since in her honor.

My dad made the Santa and the face kind of looks like his. It is at least 20 years old. My dad liked to make stuff.

The tree has ornaments that were given to me by one of my grandmothers and some were my mother’s and others were gifts from friends and family.

One day these treasures of mine will belong to my children who will probably toss them out. I am OK with that and it doesn’t make me enjoy the memories any less.


Ceramic tree and wooden Santa
Christmas decorations


Black stay at home day

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is Black Friday. Even during the before time I have never been one to go out and shop on Black Friday. I instead celebrate “buy nothing” day. In fact, I usually stay home all day on Black Friday, and this year I have spent so much time at home that it will feel more like a Wednesday or April.

I will be working though so if you want to buy or sell a house just give me a call.

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving in our household of two. We spent some time on ZOOM with family and some time on the phone and exchanged a few text messages.

There were many people who cooked a turkey for the first time and people who made pies for the first time too and they shared pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That was definitely the highlight of my day.

Thanksgiving celebrations and Black Friday shopping will likely create a surge of CCOVID-19 infections within the current surge. I think this weekend is a good time to stay at home and decorate for a stay at home Christmas.

Turkeys in the back yard