Today is Valentines day

Pink Rose

I photographed the rose at the rose garden in Duluth Minnesota. It is definitely worth a visit but not on Valentine’s day because it is covered in snow instead of roses. The garden is large with roses in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and even white. It is on a hill that overlooks Lake Superior.

Happy Valentine’s day.  If your day isn’t filled with roses you will have this one to look at.

Is Winter what is used to be?

I wrote this in December of 2010. It was one of those winters when the snow banks were so high along the streets that it was hard to see if cars were coming when we tried to cross the street.

We ran out of places to put the snow once it was removed from the streets. Snow was hauled to the parking lot of the Sears store on University Avenue.  By the end of the season, there was a huge snow pile. I am not making this up, it took until July for the pile to completely melt.

I am not complaining but pointing out that the last real winter was about three years ago.


letitsnow wm
Mears Park – Downtown St. Paul

It has been snowing since midnight and it looks like this storm is going to be even bigger than #snowmageddon09 which really was overhyped as a storm.   I recall it dropped about a half foot of snow.  Some are calling this storm #snowmygod but I like #snowpocalypse as the national weather service is still predicting 12 to 16 inches in the Twin Cities.  I am thankful that it is Saturday.

frosts wm
W.A. Frosts on Selby Avenue

Enjoying some good frights on Halloween


Wishing everyone a spooky day. Here are some of the things that scare me:

1. losing my phone.

2. Data breaches.

3. Climate change

4.  2018 health insurance premiums.

5.  2018 property taxes

6.  Some of the St. Paul mayoral candidates.

7. Mortgage processors and underwriters.

8. Dripping sounds in the house.

9. The basements in some of the homes I show.

10. When the snow blower won’t start.

I can think of stuff that is even scarier. If the worst thing that happens to you today is seeing a ghost consider yourself lucky.

Low activity for a day

There are few true holidays for people who sell real estate but Christmas is one of them. This year it landed on a Sunday. The chart above shows the activity in St. Paul over the last 24  hours. In the last three days two homes have been put on the market in St. Paul and two have gotten offers.

The numbers will go way up on Tuesday when the administrative staff who work in the larger real estate offices get back to work.

So far there have not been any real estate emergencies this holiday season but the day is young and it is a national holiday. Real estate emergencies are a thing. They happen when people suddenly somehow find themselves in town and need to see a home that is for sale right away.