The first can be the best offer

blue house

It is possible to get multiple offers on your home for the asking price or more and then lose all of the offers and have to start all over again.

The offers are lost after the buyer backs out or fails to get financing and the other offerers have moved on.

The second time around it almost always takes a lot longer and the second round of offers are not as good as the offers in the first round.

The first offer isn’t always the best but good or great offers should be taken seriously. They feature excellent financing approved for a qualified buyer and may also include a large downpayment and a convenient closing date.

I had on sale last year where the buyer allowed the seller to leave furniture and junk behind. The buyer also offered an amount over the asking price with no contingencies. The sellers accepted and did not wait for more offers.

It is also true that an offer in hand is worth a lot more than possible future offers.


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