Finding a house Vs. Buying a house

drawing of a house
I drew this myself

People are often confused by the fact that it is fairly easy to find a house for sale without any kind of professional help. Anyone with internet access can find houses that are on the market complete with pictures, floor plans, and room dimensions.

Once a home buyer finds a house that they are interested in what do they do next?

Make an offer?

Tour the home?

Pay to have it inspected?

Hire a title company to close the sale?

There is a process for buying real estate that is somewhat unique in each state. In Minnesota, offers have to be in writing. Most homes that are on the market are offered by a Realtor®. They know what to do and how to make an offer but they also represent the seller. They can work as a facilitator and work with both parties but one agent or one broker can not represent both buyer and seller in a transaction.

Finding a house to buy is just the first step in a process that often takes months. Most buyers will need money to buy a house so it starts with finding money for a downpayment and getting pre-approved for a mortgage by a lender.

The next step is usually looking at some houses and seeing them in person. Occasionally someone will buy a house they saw on the internet without touring it first but that is surprisingly rate.

Then the buyer will need to make an offer. The offer is on a legal contract. The buyer will need to decide how much to offer and whether or not to have an inspection and any other contingencies.

If there is an inspection the buyer has to negotiate any repairs with the seller. None of this is rocket science. It just takes patience, negotiating skills, and experience.

Finding a house for sale and buying it are two completely separate processes. Finding the house can be done on the internet. Buying the house can be done with a combination of email, text messages, phone calls, trips to the house, and in-person meetings. Do not confuse the two processes.

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