The dream home and split levels

Real estate agents love to market the idea of a “dream house”.  Home buyers are encouraged to buy that “dream home”. My dream house is a dream and nothing more. In my dreams and imagination, anything can exist but that isn’t reality.

I have scoured the internet looking for pictures of dream homes.  They are often newly built homes in the 1 million plus dollar price range or large ornate Victorian houses or craftsman-style homes, and the occasional ranch-style rambler.

Pictures of splint-level homes never come up in dream home searches yet the split level is a very common style that can be found all over the country. They may be ugly but they are practical and usually more affordable than houses built in “dream home” styles.

The garage is usually in front of the house and there are several styles of split level. There are two, three, and four-level splits.  The two-level split is the most common. There is an entryway and from there a stairway going up and one going down.  Split-level houses are an efficient use of land. The floor plan is also efficient with a lower cost per square foot.

split level house
split level
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