The Colorful Pilney Building

Last week I wrote about all black exteriors. This week I want to write about color.

The Pilney historic Art Deco style Pilney building was built in 1913. It was a grocery store until sometime in the 1990s, and it has since been converted into office space.

The building is located on Wesdt 7th at Oceola Avenue and is a local landmark. Recently an artist, Audry Carver painted a Mural on the building. Even without the artwork the building itself is a work of art.

Pileny Building
Pilney Building June 2024
Closeup Pilney building
Artwork by Audry Carver
Pilney building 2015
Pilney Building 2015

I just had to add the picture from 2015 because today is Thursday and this is a throw back.

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