color of the year

I generally avoid painting anything in the Pantone color of the year. I have seen houses where I can see which year or group of years the owners decided to decorate. Some of it looks dated very quickly. Colors like white, off-white, light grey, light beige, or greige go with any sofa or rug.

In my humble opinion window shades or blinds that are in any color but white or something close to it are an abomination no matter how expensive or custom-made they are.

The color of the year can be used for accessories or maybe a few accessories. Some folks buy cheap stuff and swap it out every year or two which is sustainable.

This year’s color is called “Veri Peri” and is described as “periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones” periwinkle has always been one of my favorite colors but I won’t go crazy and repaint my office with it.

Although Veri Peri isn’t found in nature, spiderwort flowers come close.




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