Barney under the tree

It is Christmas Eve and it is a Friday too. All I want for Christmas is less. During the holiday season, I do my best to get my kids to take stuff that I don’t want or need. I am mostly not all that successful but I have to try. Each year I need a little less than I needed the year before. We could use a car though but I don’t think something like that will fit in Santa’s sleigh.

I have a special gift for a couple of family members this year. I shopped locally and got this at Highland Nursery on West 7th Street. I made the scarf myself to kind of dress him up for Christmas.

Barney the owl weighs around 40 pounds and is going to a home that has a job for him. He can scare the kestrels that like to swoop down and claw them. I have to say I kind of fell in love with Barney and will miss him.

Barney the owl
Barney the owl

Merry Christmas

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