Christmas isn’t an emergency

holiday lightsIt is Fridays and Fridays are for fun. Last year we were advised to shop early due to “supply chain issues”. This year even though there may be an inventory surplus due to “supply chain issues” we are being told to shop now because prices will go up and because of “supply chain issues” retailers might not be able to restock.

Also, we are being warned about how expensive and horrible travel is going to be during the upcoming holiday season. A good argument for staying home and traveling some other time.

I call bull shXXt,  celebrating the holidays isn’t an emergency in fact it is optional. For some Christmas is a religious holiday that has nothing to do with capitalism. Holiday stress is manufactured and overspending or spending at all is completely optional. Holiday parties are optional too. Don’t wait for the holidays have a party now.

There isn’t any need to worry about prices going up or about merchants running out of stuff. That is all someone else’s problem. It isn’t my problem unless I choose to make it one. I understand the need to give children a toy for Christmas. What are we teaching our children with “holiday magic” and excess?  Are we setting a bad example for future generations about money and spending?

Save the planet and your sanity. Don’t buy gifts during the holiday gift shopping season this year. It will be alright. Wait until the hype dies down or wait for the clearance sales.

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