Baby formula is the canary

Empty shelves

For months we have been warned about food shortages. Right now at least where I live there is plenty of food but not as much variety. We have also seen shortages of N95-type face masks and there have been shortages of various cleaning supplies. There have been shortages of this and that for the last few years. “supply chain” is the excuse or reason for some of the shortages but I think the problem is larger than that.

The current shortage of baby formula seems like a wake-up call. There are just a few large companies that make the stuff and it needs to be shipped to stores. We rely on fewer larger companies for just about everything.

If baby formula was made by smaller companies located all over the country there probably wouldn’t be a shortage.

Providing food for our young seems like the minimum that a functioning society and economic system should provide. The baby formula shortage is the canary in the coal mine and will likely get worse instead of better.

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