Stuff we never asked for

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I have been a customer of a certain bank that has been bought by another bank. I have received phone calls and emails and mailings about how wonderful life is going to be when I am banking someplace else.

The last time someone from the bank called I reminded her that I never asked for this. Has anyone ever asked their bank to be bought up by another?

Has anyone ever asked to have all of their routing numbers changed? Has anyone ever asked for a new debit/credit card number?

Getting stuff that we don’t ask for happens all the time. Software updates are a great example so are website makeovers. Rebranding is something that can be disruptive businesses like but customers never ask for.

If you bank at that bank too good luck!

mounds park
From the river bluff – Indian Mounds Park

The picture was taken in 2014 on October 15th.  We had an especially colorful fall that year.


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