Questions sellers agents don’t answer

There are question that the Realtor should not answer. Generally if it has to do with our clients motivation or financial information we owe our clients confidentiality.

Home buyers or their agents may ask why a home owner is selling or what their bottom line is or where they are moving to. Often buyers will have questions about who lives in the house. They will ask about age and family status. None of those questions are relevant and usually we can’t or won’t answer.

When it comes to motivation letting buyers know that a seller has to move or now owns two homes weakens the seller’s negotiating position. Sellers always have a bottom line but it isn’t wise to share it.  Some sellers don’t share information with their agents.

Sellers agents can answer questions about the house. How old is the roof? Has the owner ever had water in the basement?

Questions about the house and about the property are expected. It is all about the real estate not about the owners.

We owe our buyer clients confidentiality too.

Cat in kitchen

Minnesota home sellers are required to disclose that they have had pets living in the house.

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