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While your home is on the market you may get feedback from the buyers and agents who have toured your home. Most of the feedback will be from people who will not buy the house. Most of the people who do not buy the house have a reason for not buying it. Sometimes they share it but often we don’t know the real reason. It is safe to say that most houses are not for everyone.

Knowing why your house isn’t right for a particular buyer is of limited value but most homeowners want that kind of information. I don’t see the harm in it but keep it in context. The people who love the house will make an offer. The people who do not make an offer will leave feedback about why the house isn’t for them.

Don’t take the feedback too seriously unless maybe there is a pattern. If several people suggest that the house smells bad that is an actionable item that can be corrected. Usually, it doesn’t work that way.

Buyers will say that the bedrooms are too small or that they don’t like the way the basement is finished. Since there usually isn’t any way to make rooms larger and redoing the basement is expensive and impractical the information reinforces the idea that the house isn’t for everyone.

The goal is to get an offer, not great feedback. Houses are personal but the comments should not be taken personally.

Some homeowners want as much feedback as they can get and others don’t even want to see it. Buyer’s agents are representing the buyer, not the homeowner. They are not required to leave feedback and trust me when I say in some cases it is better if they don’t.

If there are 10 pieces of feedback there might be one little nugget that is helpful and I do mean “might be”.  I have seen some crazy and strange comments. They remind me that often homebuyers don’t know a lot about houses and sometimes their agent’s don’t either.

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