How to spend less money

It is Fridays and Fridays are for fun. Recently I  am seeing articles about how to spend less. Most include a list of items that a person who wants to spend less or save more should stop buying. I am not sure if I am bragging or complaining but I rarely find anything on the lists that I buy and therefore can not stop spending on.

spare change

I make coffee at home every day. I figure for two of us it costs about as much as 1.5  cups of coffee at the coffee shop down the street. As an added benefit we use one compostable coffee filter rather than two disposable cups with plastic lids each day.

Instead of a fancy expensive stationary bike that requires a monthly subscription, I have an old school bike that I actually use to get from point A to point B.

We rarely dine out and because of the huge amount of salt in most restaurants and take-out food, we mostly cook at home.  Our total grocery bill for a week costs a little more than it would cost to dine out once.

I’ll admit it would be better for the economy if I spent more but on the other hand, I can’t possibly spend enough to make a difference. During the great recession, I managed to cut a bunch of expenses and haven’t added much since.

The lists I find usually include 5 to 25 items. They are fun to read. Maybe it gives me an idea of how the other half or maybe 10%.

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