Is someone knocking at your door?

Real estate agents and door-knocking go way back. Agents are encouraged to go out and knock on doors and to cold call, send text messages, and postcards too.

The demand for houses is high but the supply is low. Large companies and small investors are buying up real estate because it is a solid investment.

People really do want to buy your house right now. The people who knock on your door could be legitimate or they could be scammers.

We can research by name and find out your address. If we just have an address it takes seconds to find out who owns it. The information is public and we have databases that are easy to search. Phone numbers, even cell phone numbers are sometimes included with the other information.

I found my name and address in a database that has “sell scores”. Our sell score is very high and as a result, we were getting text messages almost every day from people who want to buy our house. I have managed to block most of the numbers.

As more and more people get real estate licenses during a time when there are fewer people who want to sell houses agents are scrambling for business.

Real estate agents will find your obituary and knock after you die. I have had clients complain about this practice. In one case two elderly women were staying in their mother’s house after she passed. It was during the pandemic and before they could be vaccinated. They were horrified when agents stopped by and knocked on their door.

Personally, I don’t knock on doors, call or send text messages to people I don’t know. Most of my business comes to me through the internet, past clients, referrals, or from friends and neighbors.  I have mailed out postcards and I used to distribute flyers in the neighborhood.

Open houses are also a popular way for real estate agents to meet future clients.

Real estate agents are salespeople and the tradition of knocking on the door goes way back and is encouraged in the industry. Cold calling is also encouraged and agents are offered a lot of advice on how to get rich by dialing for dollars.

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