You get what we pay for

You get what we pay for is one of the open secrets among real estate agents. When you go house hunting and land on one of those websites that have homes for sale you might have the option of requesting a showing or more information or maybe you see the faces of real estate agents next to the homes for sale.

Often time the person you are contacting doesn’t know anything about the home in question. He or she or they have paid to be the contact person.  Sometimes these agents will respond to the inquiry and other times they won’t. Anyone who inquires about a home for sale becomes a “lead” which is just fine for homebuyers who want to become leads.

The reason the websites are free to consumers is because real estate agents pay to advertise on them.  The houses that you find on the websites are there because a real estate agent listed them and the information and pictures were fed from the multiple listing service.

People who want to work with real estate should choose an agent before selecting houses. Your agent will be able to get more information and will return your calls and answer your questions.  Your agent needs to respond quickly because the house you are interested in may only be on the market for a few hours.

I drew this myself

Happy house hunting.

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