What I learned about climate change last weekend

For those who were in the Twin Cities area last weekend, the air was unbreathable at times. Smoke from Canadian wildfires filled the air. It burned the eyes and throat and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said that it was “unhealthy” and “very unhealthy”.


MPCA warnings about air quality
Smoke from Canadian wildfires as viewed from the Mississippi River 

For part of last week, we didn’t see sunshine or the sky. Everything had a kind of yellowish orangish cast to it. Almost sepia. What we experienced isn’t “normal” and it is likely to happen again. Most of us have no idea how to plan for this or how to deal with it.

What I learned is that none of us are safe from wildfires and breathing in smoke-filled air does diminish the quality of life in any neighborhood.  Heck it even took my mind off the drought and the pandemic.

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