One in 4 will be over 65 by 2030

Minnesota is growing old.

By 2030, there will be 20,000 fewer K-12 students and 455,000 more seniors.
At least 70% of the Minnesotans who turned 65 in 2017 are expected to use long-term care services at some point. Maybe robots will provide hands-on care?

By 2030 Minnesota’s overall population is projected to grow 8.6% over the next decade, its senior population will surge by 56%.

By 2030 70% of those over 65 will need some form of long-term care. []

Aging in place is going to be a popular option for seniors who own homes and who can afford to keep owning them and are not facing serious health problems.

The homeownership rate among those 65 and older is in the neighborhood of 76%. Vacancy rates in assisted living and independent living housing combined are at around 15%.

We need more housing for all ages and single-family homes are still the most popular option.

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