The internet has changed agent networking

The internet has changed almost everything. I remember back in the day when real estate agents used to travel in packs and view houses that their company

Historic home

had on the market. Agents networked amongst themselves in their offices and sometimes only with other agents under the same brand.

There are a couple of large companies in the area that really advertise their internal agent networking skills. Internal networking promotes dual agency and it can lead to fair housing complaints.

Most agent networking happens on the internet. We can see which agents have buyers looking for houses like the one we just listed through the MLS. We put information about homes for sale on the internet so that the information is shared with everyone.

Homebuyers have more choices than ever or they would if we had more homes on the market and home sellers can count on drawing from the largest pool of buyers when they list their home with a Realtor.

Technology has leveled the playing field as leveled the playing field and has made it easy for agents to network with a much larger group. Homebuyers also benefit because they have quick free access to information about homes for sale with pictures.

When choosing an agent to sell your house, ignore the song and dance. Choose an agent who knows how to leverage the internet for networking and marketing.

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