Fancy language and flowery words

As a Realtor, I get to use the real estate forms and contracts that are available exclusively to members of the Minnesota Realtors association. They are all current and legal and when we write an offer we can fill in the blanks.

There are spaces to write extra stuff and we can attach additional documents to any of the contracts.

In some states, like New York for instance lawyers do the paperwork and make the legal contracts to purchase a home. Here in Minnesota real estate agents take care of the paperwork and most are not lawyers.

Real estate agents and real estate brokers can not give legal advice.  Sometimes we recommend consulting an attorney.

Sometimes home buyers and sellers ask their agents to write crazy things into those contracts.  The more anyone who isn’t a lawyer adds to the contract the more likely it is to cause trouble later on. When it comes to legal contracts less is often best unless a lawyer is drawing up the contract.

There are times for creativity and legal contracts are not one of those times. Our contracts are kind of fill in the blank and check this box or that which is a good thing. Everything is standard and legal.

Practicing real estate agents and brokers are experts when it comes to real estate contracts. We get new contracts on August first of each year and we usually don’t get to see the new contracts before that date. We usually get an overview of the changes and can review it before we use the new contracts.

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