To wear a mask or not?

In addition to coping with the pandemic this past year, I have also had to make policies and safety guidelines for my company. We are required to be in compliance with theFace mask Minnesota Health Department guidelines if we want to stay in business. There are now pages and pages of rules.

Last Thursday the CDC stated that fully vaccinated individuals do not have to wear masks indoors or outdoors except in certain situations. Every business I have visited since then is still requiring customers and employees to wear masks.

The governor of Minnesota lifted the mask mandate but the mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis decided to keep the mandates. Masks are required when indoors in most places in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

In real estate, we have all sorts of rules and guidelines. There are still people who believe that the SARS virus is spread by touching doorknobs that have been infected so there is a lot of doorknob cleaning and sanitizing going on.

The CDC says that the virus is spread through airborne particles. I totally understand why people might not believe the CDC at this point.

For now, even though I am fully vaccinated I am following the rules that businesses have put in place. Most of the time I will need to wear a mask when indoors in public places. The number of people with Covid-19 in Ramsey county is still very high. Higher than last year at this time.

We will continue to wear masks when we go inside private homes. I prefer not to ask our clients if they have been vaccinated but usually, they volunteer their status when I let them know that I am fully vaccinated.

I do my best to keep up with local guidelines and regulations.

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