To stage of not to stage

Dining room – with most of the furnishings removed. 

One of the first questions some home sellers ask is if they need to have their home staged. My answer to that is “it depends”. If I have actually seen the home I might have a completely different answer.

What I won’t recommend is stuffing a small home full of furniture and putting signs on the wall that say: “Eat, Pray, Love”. If the goal is to sell the house quickly and for top dollar, less clutter is best especially if it is a small home.

Often we end up removing furniture and staging the home with what is left or bringing in a few pieces.  I am big on table cloths informal dining rooms even though they are seldom used in real life. I also like to use fresh flowers.

The ROI (Return on Investment) for staging is much higher during a buyer’s market than it is during the current seller’s market. Sometimes the only reason for staging a house is that the seller believes in staging.

If the house is empty sometimes all it needs are a few pieces of furniture.  We always want the home to look fairly generic so that people can imagine their own furnishings and color schemes.

It is true that builders stage model homes. There are a lot of reasons for that. One reason is that it gives them something to show prospective buyers.

Homes are selling so quickly getting them staged and then unstaged can be very challenging. The real estate market is local and ever-changing. Each house is a little different as are the goals of the sellers. Currently, I am not sure that a well-staged house is going to sell for more or sell faster than an empty house but that could change at any time.

Some properties look much better with no furniture than they look with furnishings that are in poor condition. The appearance of almost any room can be improved with cleaning and or fresh paint.

It depends is my final answer on staging and I sticking with it.

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