You don’t have to move away from barking dogs

Living next door to a barking dog might make you want to move but did you know that there is a city ordinance bout barking dogs?

dog Ordinance

“According to Saint Paul City Ordinance 200.14, it is unlawful for any person to “own, keep, have in possession, or harbor any dog which howls yelps, or barks to the reasonable annoyance of any other person or persons.”

Barking dogs can be very annoying. I can hear them from time to time but none of my neighbors have dogs that bark excessively or that I really even notice. I also hear chickens and sheep sometimes.

If you have a barking dog problem in your neighborhood, you can call the Animal Control Center during normal business hours at 651-266-1100, or the Saint Paul Police non-emergency number at 651-291-1111 if the center is closed.

It is also against the law to let your cat roam free but there are many free-range cats in St. Paul. They help keep the bird population in check. Someone called animal control about cats in our yard but we didn’t own or have any cats at the time.

Violating St. Paul’s animal ordinance can result in tickets and other penalties.


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