Neighborhood groups on social media

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I belong to a couple of neighborhood groups on Facebook and on NextDoor.  I don’t advertise in any of the groups. They are a news source and a chance to share information when I have it.

One of the most common posts I see in neighborhood groups are from people asking if anyone heard the loud bang, explosion, or gunshots. On any given day there is at least one such inquiry in at least one group or page that I participate in.

The second most common post is when the neighbor displays a video of a package or mail thief in the act of thieving. We rarely know for sure where the crime is being committed and even though these criminals are caught on video I don’t think they are ever arrested and have never heard of anyone getting their packages or mail returned to them.

All I can say is there are always loud noises in the area and they are rarely gunshots or explosions. Most of the time the loud noise season peaks around July 4th.  It would be nice if neighbors could work together and identify the neighbor responsible for the noise but that never happens.

As for the packages, cameras don’t seem to be a deterrent. If they were a deterrent we wouldn’t be seeing so much video of people stealing packages.

People also ask for advice in neighborhood groups. I don’t ask for advice or give it but those postings are an endless source of entertainment.

Join a neighborhood group on social media today. I promise you will get a bang out of it.

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