Mosquito-Free Yard

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District has been busy.  I can’t imagine life in the Twin Cities without them. We don’t see many mosquitos in the city which is a good thing because they spread disease. They tend to make their presence knows in the evening Citronella candles can help on the porch, patio, or deck.

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District uses natural soil bacteria and a mosquito growth regulator to control mosquitoes while they are still in their larval stage. These materials are applied by hand to small mosquito breeding sites and by helicopter to areas larger than three acres. Last week they were flying over St. Paul along the river.

We can all help keep the mosquito population low. The larvae live in stagnate water until they hatch. Even the water in a backyard birdbath should be changed at least once a week. Puddles and anything outdoors that collects water can be a breeding ground.

For more information on mosquito control and career opportunities visit the MMCD website.

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