Think of the real estate market as fast

I have never seen a real estate market as crazy as this one is.

413 Goodrich avenue
413 Goodrich Avenue – St. Paul, MN

I put this house in the MLS as “coming soon” on Saturday, March 13, 2021. The owners were not ready for showings but wanted me to advertise the house. We received an offer received March 15, 2021, before showings are allowed. The sellers accepted the offer.  The sale will close before the house was scheduled to go on the market and open for appointments.

There are no pictures of the interior but the buyer had seen the house before it was even on the market and was waiting for it. His agent knew how to structure the offer so that the sellers would accept it.

Finding people who want to buy a house is easy these days but we are looking for people who have or who can get the necessary funds. Multiple offer situations can be exciting for homeowners but they can also be messy because only one offer can be accepted. Buyers and their agents can become quite aggressive. It is very frustrating to represent buyers who lose out in several multiple offer situations before they are successful.

Accepting the wrong offer can lead to having to sell the house again which sometimes means starting all over with putting it on the market and having the showings and going through an inspection and an appraisal.

For me, this has one downside to this and that is that I didn’t get to put my sign in front for advertising. I think I’ll have a sold sign made up that sticks in the ground for next time.

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