Sellers – choose the best offer

During the seller’s market, we have gotten offers from homebuyers who have not toured the property and offers that are way above the asking price.

We have also had many more cases of buyers backing out before, after, or during the inspection period. In situations where offers are similar, the best offer might be from the buyers who have actually toured the property. Ask your Realtor® for advice on this.

In situations where the buyer is offering significantly more than the asking price, they are significantly more likely to get cold feet if the inspector finds too many issues. Some will attempt to renegotiate the price or ask for repairs others will back out altogether.

Some sellers are stating that they will not accept offers from people who have not seen the property. That makes things extra tough for homebuyers.  Often the house is totally booked with appointments and it has an offer on it before buyers can see it.


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