Peculiar signage

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. St. Paul is full of signage. It isn’t unusual to have to read everything on a clump of signs to figure out if a parking space is legal. People park, get out of their cars, and do some more reading before getting back in the car and driving away.

When I walk I see some unique signs that I wouldn’t ordinarily notice.

This one is somewhat of a mystery:

Survey marker

Yes I see the address I can write to for more information . . yet I haven’t . . written. I wonder why they don’t use email or text messages like the rest of us.

This sign leaves me with more questions than answers. Do blind people drive? Should I be walking on the other side of the street for my own safety?

Blind alley

My all-time favorite sign was in an elevator at a nursing home. It instructed people to “hold your cough and sneeze”.   As the readers of this blog know I am not a fan of punctuation but I just write a blog I am not responsible for signs in elevators.


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