The annual manipulation of the clock

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. This Sunday we will suffer the annual manipulation of time. We lose the hour we were given last Fall. It was borrowed time. It is a barbaric custom and a holdover from our distant agrarian past. Changing time makes people tired and crabby for a couple of weeks.

There really isn’t any reason for daylight savings time except that it does create a marketing opportunity which is why I write this post twice a year every year. I don’t want the increase in heart attacks and car accidents caused by moving the clock ahead to be for nothing.

Just remember to set your clocks one hour ahead at 2:00 AM on Sunday or maybe before you go to bed on Saturday. Call me sometime on Sunday and I’ll put your house on the market. Remember I am one of those small local businesses that people are being encouraged to support during the pandemic.

Spring forward 2021
Spring forward 2021


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  1. No, last fall we were given back the hour we gave away last spring. That’s why we’re on what’s called Standard Time.

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