Know where your water shutoff is

As I watch the news from Texas I keep seeing water freely flowing through houses after the pipes burst. People were shooting videos of water gushing down hallways and falling out of windows. I couldn’t help but wonder why they weren’t shutting off the water.

Pipes don’t burst when they freeze they burst when they thaw because water expands as it gets warmer but that is the subject for a future blog post.

If your pipes do freeze consider turning off the water before the pipes burst. Acting quickly and shutting off the water can save thousands of dollars in repairs.

There is a lever or one of those old-school round valve wheels right next to the water meter. It might be in a crawl space or enclosed, make sure you know where it is.  If you close the valve by moving the lever or turning the handle you can shut all of the water in the house.

The power can be turned off too. There is a switch or level right inside the breaker or fuse box in most homes. Learn how to turn off the power.

For your own safety, you should know how to turn off the water and electricity in your home. If you don’t today is a good day to figure it out.

If you are buying a house ask your inspector to show you how to turn off the water. Some inspectors label the valves and put tags on them.

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