Polar Vortex house hunting tips


Even though the pandemic keeps us inside most of the time, in-person house hunting still happens.  As we get ready for the next cold snap . . we don’t really have a choice but to get ready for the next cold snap.  The weather this weekend is predicted to be in the double digits below zero and will remain cold for several days. After that, the local forecast calls for colder than normal weather and above-average snowfall.

Here are some winter home selling tips:

1.  Leave some lights on so we can open the lockbox and unlock the door.

2.  Remove the snow and ice from the walkway.  Clearing the walkway makes it less likely that someone seeing your home will slip and fall on the ice and maybe decide to sue.

3.  Place a walk-off mat near the front door that is big enough for four pairs of shoes.  This small act of kindness will keep my feet dry because I won’t end up standing in a puddle made by my clients and it will keep your floor dry and your home cleaner.

4.  If your home is vacant please have it winterized, that means that you have the water turned off.

5.  Light in a home is a good thing, especially in the winter.  You want to make it look warm and inviting.   If you normally live like cave people with every blind drawn and every shade pulled consider making some changes so that your home will sell quicker and so you will get more money for it.

6.  If your home is occupied and you have a bunch of burglar alarms and maybe some barbed wire and a guard dog consider easing up on the orange alert status and make your home more welcoming. (this tip applies any time of year)

Here are some tips for buyers:

1.  Wear shoes or boots that are easy to slip on and off.

2.  Go to the restroom before you begin house hunting.  Homes that are empty and that have been winterized have no running water.

3.  If you are interested in a home that you saw in the dark please schedule an appointment to see it when it is light out before you make an offer.

4.  Most agents carry a flashlight but it is a great idea to bring your own or if your cell phone provides enough light there is that too.

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