It just gets better from here

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and February is almost over. For me, February is a month that is survived. My friends who live in warmer climates assume that I somehow acclimate to cold weather and that I like it.

I go for a walk most days even when the weather is way below zero. I employ the rule of 2’s. I wear two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of pants. I cover any exposed skin with scarves and hats.

It is warm enough now so that I can go back to wearing one of everything and leave my face exposed except for a mask. We will have more days with temperatures in the 40’s next week which is definitely single pair of gloves weather.

Winter is not my favorite season. The best thing about winter is when it ends. I think we all appreciate spring more because of what we have to live through to get there.

March can be a long cold month but usually, by the end, there are signs of spring. Average high temperatures by the end of March will be in the upper 40’s. The days will continue to get longer too.

House hunting gets easier too. The longer days and warmer temperatures help.






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