Home buyers haven’t changed but house hunting has

The real estate industry has remained open during the pandemic but we have more rules. Back a year ago in-person showings

queen anne house
Queen Anne

were down and home buyers were using virtual tours and even making offers before they toured the house.

Here we are a year later with many more people infected with COVID-19 and homebuyers who want to tour as many homes as possible even before they are in a position to make an offer.

People like to see homes in person and they want the experience. It isn’t enough to shop online. The pandemic hasn’t changed the way people want to shop but has changed the way they can shop right now.

There are those in the real estate industry who are predicting that the pandemic will forever change how people shop for and buy houses. I am not seeing it.

This isn’t the best of times for homebuyers but things will get better as more people get vaccinated.

We can and do sell houses without allowing in-person showings.  Typically the buyers are allowed to see the house only after they have made an offer. They see it as they are having it inspected.

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