Today is election day

If you haven’t voted yet today is your last chance and no you can not drop off your absentee ballot at your polling place. You can drop it off at your local election office.

If you have not turned in your absentee ballot do not mail it.  you can go vote in person. Poll workers check to see if you have already voted and the folks who count the absentee ballots will not count your ballot if you have already voted.

We probably won’t have the results of the election today. Hang in there. Be patient and be civil and remember that just because someone says he won that doesn’t mean that he did win.

The candidates themselves are not the best source of information about the election or about the other candidates. . . think about it.

No matter who wins we will all have to work hard to solve current problems. There are some issues that we can’t all just move away from.



Voting on West 7th in St. Paul
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